Specialist Spotlight: Jessica Evans

We recently sat down with Account Advisor, Jessica Evans, who talks us through her career journey, her role at Miles Smith and emerging trends in the waste industry.


Jessica’s career journey

Jessica’s journey into insurance began when she sought a job in an office environment in the City after completing sixth form. This led her to an apprenticeship at a small Lloyd’s broker. During her two years there, she performed general office admin duties, gaining valuable experience in a professional setting. This early exposure to the insurance industry fuelled her interest so she decided to explore further opportunities within the sector.

Her next move was to Marsh Commercial, where she took on the role of an Account Broker. Here, she handled scheme work, particularly for clients such as Toni & Guy, managing renewals and liaising with Account Executives. After two years, Jessica felt the pull back to Lloyd’s broking and joined Miles Smith. She has now been with the company for six years, initially working in the Liability team before transitioning to the Waste team two and a half years ago under Commercial Director, Kevin Coomber's, guidance.

Jessica was also part of the 2022 High Potential (HiPo) programme at Specialist Risk Group, Miles Smith’s parent company. This programme identifies and nurtures future leaders within the business. Jessica found the programme invaluable, as it helped her understand her strengths and weaknesses and provided mentorship to support her career growth.


Day-to-day responsibilities

As an Account Advisor, Jessica's day-to-day activities are centred around managing renewals and contacting agents six weeks ahead of renewal dates. Over her time in the Waste team, she has built strong relationships with many agents, making these renewals smoother. When new risks arise, she collaborates with the broking team to determine which markets to approach.

Once she gathers updates and markets the risk, Jessica prepares the terms and discusses them with the agents. If there are any issues, she negotiates with both the agents and underwriters to secure the best possible renewal terms. Her extensive knowledge of the market and strong relationships with brokers and underwriters are crucial in this process.


Overcoming challenges

One of the most challenging aspects of Jessica's job is ensuring clients comply with conditions and guidelines, especially in the waste industry. Clients often need support to understand the benefits of risk management, which can lead to better business practices and more favourable insurance rates. Jessica emphasises the importance of these measures and works closely with clients to help them see the long-term benefits, even if it involves initial costs.


Collaboration within Miles Smith

Jessica's role requires constant collaboration with various teams at Miles Smith. She maintains a good relationship with MX, also part of Specialist Risk Group, facilitated by a former Miles Smith colleague now working there. This connection allows for effective communication and negotiation on challenging risks.

Within Miles Smith, working with the broking team daily, Jessica relies on their initial relationships with underwriters. She also interacts regularly with the claims team to stay updated on claims and ensure accurate renewal terms. These collaborations are essential to her success and the smooth operation of her responsibilities.


Changes in the waste industry

Since Jessica began working in the waste industry, she has observed significant changes, particularly with the increase in household products containing batteries. The rise in disposable vapes, often discarded in household waste, poses a higher risk due to their lithium batteries. This has made it more challenging for insurers to assess and manage these risks. Jessica's team is increasingly focused on these emerging issues, conducting more work around the safe disposal of such items.


Emerging trends and future expectations

Looking to the remainder of 2024, Jessica notes the growing presence of electric vehicles (EVs) and the potential risks associated with their batteries. As the lifespan of EV batteries is roughly ten years, their disposal will become a more prominent issue, especially in urban areas like London. Jessica anticipates increased discussions with underwriters and more surveys to address these emerging risks.


Popularity of the Waste facility

Miles Smith’s Waste facility is popular due to its strong capacity, long-standing schemes and competitive wording. The team's extensive experience and knowledge enable them to offer specialised support to clients. The presence of an in-house risk management surveyor, who has visited numerous sites across the country, further strengthens their position in the market.


Favourite aspect of the job

For Jessica, the variety in her daily tasks is the most rewarding aspect of her job. Working in the Waste team means dealing with different problems and risk changes every day, keeping her engaged and challenged. This dynamic environment ensures that no two days are the same, which she finds invigorating and fulfilling.


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