Miles Smith are a London based broker who provide direct and immediate access to the Lloyd’s and the London Market.

We have a range of highly sophisticated products, many of which are market leading and exclusive, and we are experts in placing risks open market.

Our specialist teams are highly experienced and provide advice and insight into your distressed risks, enabling you to provide enhanced cover for your clients, particularly in areas where standard cover may not suffice.

Our brokers are expert negotiators and fight for the terms and cover your clients need. This gives us the ability to place distressed risks that are rarely in the appetite of composite insurers.



Miles Smith can trace its origins back to 1925.

We have been a Lloyd’s broker since 1936, trading as Anderson & Game Limited. In 1965 we were acquired by RJ Miles and CS Smith, renaming the company to Miles Smith, Anderson and Game Limited, later to be renamed Miles Smith PLC Incorporated.

Since then we have been through a number of changes and had a handful of owners.

In 2018, Pollen Street Capital, a Private Equity company, bought the majority shareholding in the formerly known, Miles Smith Insurance Group.

Pollen Street have continued to make a number of acquisitions and we now form part of Specialist Risk Group.



As a group, SRG employ over 500 staff, 100 of whom work for Miles Smith.

We have a rich history, and due to extended years in the market, we have been able to adjust and perfect products we offer to our broker partners, allowing you to better protect your clients.

We have built a reputation for market leading products based on the demands of the industry and fighting for the terms and cover your clients need.

Our experts have fantastic relationships in the Lloyd’s and London market allowing us to negotiate and utilize our partnerships to your benefit.


We are extremely excited about our future as part of Specialist Risk Group.

We move up the ranks each year in the Insurance Times Top 50 Brokers list and are excited about how our growth will continue to enhance the benefit we bring to our broker partners and their clients.

We are governed by our mantra, ‘Difficult. Done Well.’ and look forward to continuing to move up the Top 50 Brokers ranks.

We continue to grow, organically and through targeted M&A, creating a broader and wider offering over the coming years.

SRG_Group On White

Our parent company, Specialist Risk Group, is one of the fastest-growing insurance intermediaries in the UK. SRG has four business units and provides a tailored service to the unique markets and clients that each business unit has. Miles Smith makes up one of these business units and the other division the others are as follows: Specialist Risk Insurance Solutions – Specialty Clients, TUE – Irish Specialty Broking, Specialist Risk International - Global Specialty Broking, and MX – Specialty Underwriting.

We are delighted to be part of a larger group and benefit from the increased size and buying power we command in the insurance market.

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At Specialist Risk Group, we are governed by our mantra “Difficult. Done Well.”. We specialise in crafting solutions for specialist insurance needs, needs that other companies may actively avoid. We solve problems for brokers that they may struggle to find solutions for. Taking a people first approach, we empower our staff, enabling them to respond quickly to brokers. Our people are offered valuable learning and development and we aim to create an environment where we enjoy coming to work. We believe this means our colleagues will always provide an outstanding service to our broker partners.


Lee Anderson

Lee has built and transformed underwriting and broking businesses across multiple platforms. His passion is driving value through building platforms for growth. Lee joined SRG, the parent company in September 2019.

SRG Deputy CEO

Steve Lee

Steve Lee, has been working for Miles Smith since 2000. He is the UK Specialty Broking Director and is responsible for the management of this division.

UK Specialty Broking Director

Barry Gilligan

Barry has worked at Miles Smith for 20 years as an Account Executive and within Broker Relations. He has helped develop the distribution strategy for the group as well as initiating many of the large supporting relationships and network arrangements. He has enjoyed creating an expert team to continue to assist regional brokers with difficult and specialist placements.

Group Broker Development Director






In 2020, HGGC, a private equity fund manager, acquired the majority shareholding in Specialist Risk Group.

HGGC are relationship investors with operating backgrounds who seek to build differentiated middle-market businesses. They invest in companies that they believe have leading competitive positions in defensible markets where they can add value via their operating skills and relationships, focusing on sectors such as Financial Services and Business Services.

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HGGC have 198 portfolio investments, with a total of $5.4 billion cumulative commitments. They seek to leverage their investor-operator skillsets and deep multi-sector networks to develop preferred partner relationships that encourage alignment of interests as they work to drive positive outcomes that lead to strong references and enhanced networks.

We benefit from the support provided by HGGC in reaching our growth targets and providing an exceptional service to our clients.


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