As part of Specialist Risk Group (SRG), Miles Smith can provide access to specialists within the Group.

One of these specialist areas the Group can place insurance for is Product Guarantee, Financial Loss, Product Recall, and Contaminated Products Insurance.

You and your client will benefit from our expertise in this area with over 25 years of recall experience, as well as our excellent placement options, and robust market relationships.

To find out more about our offering and what our specialists can do for you and your clients, please get in touch with a Broker Relationship Manager.



Facility and open market risk placement options available

Our team has 25 years’ experience in the recall market working with brokers in the UK and internationally

We will work with you and your client, as a team, to secure cover in this highly specialised area

A trusted and reliable service from enquiry to placement, and if a claim arises


Product Liability is not a ‘catch all’ policy (Pilkington v CGU (2004)). Standalone product recall coverage is significantly broader, and our Product Guarantee/Financial Loss/Product Recall and Contaminated Products Insurance have been designed to specifically assist your clients through recalls.

There are a number of costs that can be incurred by a company if their product needs to be recalled, removed, or reworked, for example advertising in the national press, sending letters to registered owners of vehicles, supplying or reworking a faulty item, and labour time to remove and replace a faulty component. Just because a component’s value is low, it does not mean the costs of recalling the component is low.

Our experts will work with you and your client, as a team, to secure cover in this highly specialised area, taking the time to understand your clients requirements before recommending the appropriate cover to protect their business.

We can offer bespoke placement options and have a facility which is unusual for this area, as well as open market capabilities with exceptional market relationships.

We pride ourselves on providing a trusted and reliable service from enquiry to placement. If a claim arises, we will support you through this process whilst having the capability to appoint loss adjusters on behalf of underwriters.


We place insurance for a number of brokers working with various business descriptions, some of these include:

  • Automotive components/assemblies
  • Bearings
  • Industrial fasteners
  • Electronic components
  • Steering
  • Metal pressings
  • Plastic mouldings
  • Brakes
  • Food and beverage
  • Consumer products
  • Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical (generic) products
  • Non-invasive medical devices
  • Nutraceuticals


Our specialists are experienced in the unique risks faced by these industries, and can offer a range of covers:

  • affedevite

    Recall expense policy

  • recycle_box

    Product Guarantee/ Financial Loss/ Product Recall

  • lunch_box

    Food and Drink Recall Insurance


Get in touch with our Broker Relationship Management Team to find out more about our offering.