Medical Malpractice for Stem Cell Therapy


We are often asked to assist with risks that are unknown to the Market. We support our broker partners and their innovative clients by placing these difficult risks that fall outside of the appetite of composites. Read our case study where we placed Medical Malpractice for Stem Cell Therapy, a new and rare treatment.


The Risk

One of our Broker Partners came to us for help with a complex Medical Malpractice risk. Their client was a UK based, multi-location, non-surgical body and skin regeneration clinic whose activities included:

  • Shockwave therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Electromagnetic Therapy

Whilst a policy was already in place for all the existing treatments, the Insured was keen to add a new, innovative, and rare treatment to their services, Stem Cell Therapy. Their current Insurer would not provide cover for this treatment and the broker partner had not been able to find an insurer that could offer the required cover. Our mission was to place a policy for all covers including Stem Cell Therapy.

The Approach

As the Stem Cell Treatment was new even to our teams, our Medical Malpractice experts set out in gaining an understanding of why the Insurer had never been willing to offer cover. Once the exposure was properly understood, our specialists asked additional questions that were not immediately obvious to draw out further details around this activity.

With a substantial amount of additional information on the treatments and their exposures, we used our Market expertise to present to a select panel of forward-thinking Medical Malpractice Underwriters and very quickly found an Insurer who understood the activities and offered a quote.

The Result

Due to the hard work of our experts, the risk was placed in its entirety with one specialist Insurer and our Broker Partner was able to retain their client.

The cover has been widened from the expiring policy and now covers all treatments required with no unusual exclusions or high excesses. The premium remained at a very competitive level and the Insured is now offering Stem Cell treatments across several locations.

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